Opening Prayer – 6:00am – Min. Chibuzo Nwanju


Worship – 6:10am – Media 

Welcome Message- 6:30am – We have not being this way before (Media)


Global prayer Morning Session:

Welcoming Ministers from Asia Region – 7:05am Pastor Wisdom Nwankwo 

Prophetic declaration for Alaska –  7:10am Min. Wisdom Nwankwo

Prayer Points for Alaska / 7:15 am – 10:00 am ASIA

Open heaven 7:15am

Outpouring of the holy spirit 7:35am

Fresh anointing 7:55am

Refilling of the holy spirit  8:15am

Activation of gifts and calling 8:35am 

Baptism of the holy spirit and fire 8:55am

Miracles , Signs and wonders (open mic) 9:15am 

Rivers of living (worship) 9:35am

Uproot every demonic foundation in the atmosphere 9:55am

Global prayer Morning Session:

Welcoming global  Ministers – 9:55am Min. Chibuzo Nwanju 

Prophetic declaration – 10:00am Apostle Justice

Prayer Points for Alaska / 10:15 am – 1:00 pm AFRICA

Warfare prayer against Shamanistic spirit (Apostle Justice – Nigeria) 10:15am

Warfare prayer against regional demonic strongholds in Alaska (Apostle Emma -Uganda) 10:35am

Warfare prayer against territorial demonic presence (Prophet Ben Nwaigwe- Nigeria) 20mins 10:55am

Warfare prayer against spirit of antichrist (Apostle Josephat wanyina Uganda) 20mins -11:15am

The release of angelic warriors to stand against principalities (Apostle Levi Masaba-Uganda) 20mins 11:35am

Establishment of  heavenly authority over the Alaska regions Breaking of every demonic wall, ambush and secret plans of the enemy against the revival . (Bishop Booyce -South Africa) 20mins 12:15

Let the fire of the holy ghost fall on us (open Mic) 20mins 12:35pm 


Worship – 12:55pm   – Media 

Prophetic declaration : Minister Chibuzo Nwanju 

Welcoming Global  Ministers 1:00 pm-  Minister Larry Wanous

Prophetic declaration for Alaska 1:15am – Minster Mercy Bamkefa

Prayer Points for Alaska / 1:15 am – 5:55pm  NORTH AMERICA

Prayer for Unity in the body of Christ in Alaska (Mercy Bamkefa) 1:25pm- 10 mins

Prayer to the lord to raise laborers for the harvest (Rev Mercy Bamkefa)1:35 pm-10 mins

Activate burden for soul winning (Minister Angela Nwankudu) 1:55 pm-10 mins 

Bring fort souls from all over Alaska to the tent revival (Minister Angela Nwankudu) 2:05pm 10mins

Pray that everyone will hear the sound of revival in Alaska (Anthony Cox)2:25 pm 10 mins

Increase the harvest for souls in Alaska( Sis Jan church) 2:35pm -10mins

Growth in our churches (Sis Jan church)2:45pm -10mins

Prayer for revival ( Minister Cherilynn Stone ) 2:55pm-10 mins

Prayer for salvation (Minister Cherilynn Stone) 3:05pm-10mins 

Activate gifts and calling (sister Adaeze) 3:15-10mins

Restore and refill the body of Christ (sister Adaeze)3:25pm- 10 mins

Pray for healing anointing (Pastor Emmanuel)3:35pm-10 mins 

Prayer for faith for healing to increase (Pastor Emmanuel) 3:45pm-10 mins

Pray for healing of the church as a whole(pastor Emmanuel) 3:55 pm 10 mins 

Prophetic Prayer for Alaska 4: Prosperity – Breaking the chains of poverty (Minister Larry Wanous) 4:05pm -10mins 

Prophetic Prayer for Divine protection and provision for the revival 4:10pm(Minister Jennifer) 10mins 

Prophetic Prayer for covering for families during the 6 weeks of revival and beyond 4:25pm (Min Carmen) 10mins

Prophetic prayer for youth and young adults to be impacted during the revival 4:35pm( sis destiny Woko)10mins

Prophetic Prayer for Ministers and speakers and all that will deliver the word 4:45pm ( Pastor Uwaoma )10mins

Prophetic Prayer for  prophetic clarity of the word-(Pastor Uwaoma) 4:55pm

Prophetic Prayer for the glory of God to rest upon the tent revival 5:10pm (Sis Ugo Nwanju)  

Prayer for all the churches, ministries and organizations that are hosting the Alaska tent revival -5:10pm -Pastor Wilson Soko

Prayer for the security and safety of everyone at the revival-5:20pm -Pastor Wilson Soko 10mins

Blessings of God to Dwell with Us -Pastor Wilson Soko -5:30pm- 10mins

Announcement and closing remarks -Min Chibuzo Nwanju- 5:45pm

Closing Prayer- 5:55pm- Minister Chibuzo Nwanju

  Prayer service close and worship service begins-6pm