The primary goal and objective of God’s Family Global Network (GFGN) is to obey and to carry out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ according to Matthew 28 18-20 and Mark 16. 15-20).

To establish congregations, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and for the edification of one another and for fellowship.

GFGN will train, license, ordain, commission and sponsor missionaries as well as those called to the ministry.

GFGN shall serve as a para-church missionary agency to churches and other ministries through research, information dissemination, organizing and promoting missionary conferences, seminars, church Planting, and outreach crusades.

Encourage and promote unity among believers in the body of Christ without denominational bias.

Present the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and the Messiah, promised in the Holy Scriptures for the salvation of humanity so that all mankind may have an opportunity to understand and be able to make intelligent decisions regarding their salvation.

GFGN will work to improve and enhance human life in both rural and urban communities by providing social and economic services for the benefit of all, irrespective of color, race, or nationality.

GFGN will be involved in humanitarian endeavors such as feeding and clothing the poor and the homeless, providing shelter, job training, and skill acquisition, relief and medical aids to the unemployed as well as the needy of society.

GFGN will print and publish magazines, books, journals, and newsletters, to help fulfill the primary objectives of this corporation.

GFGN shall assist the endeavors of God called ministers in developing countries in any way possible so that they may be able to fulfill their calling and help people to benefit from the salvation of God.

The ministry will own and manage, media and broadcast ministries, Christian TV and radio stations, book stores with the sole aim of propagating the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

GFGN shall own and manage Family Life Centers and to provide counseling services to both youth and adults.

GFGN will own and manage hospitals, and educational institutions committed to the fundamental Christian values and standards to give mankind better health, self-worth and dignity to the glory of God.

GFGN will endeavor to establish the body of Christ on kingdom principles, proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of Christ in love and be available to God for whatever purpose He intends to use this ministry for His glory.

GFGN will be involved in any faith based endeavor that will not conflict with the laws of the land and the objectives of its sacred calling.