The allure of Alaska in the remote and distant northern hemisphere, is unparalleled—with its breathtaking landscapes, incredible northern lights, and diverse wildlife, it is truly a sight to behold. Yet, 70% of the population is non-religious. Some have never been to church or do not regularly attend church. The spiritual atmosphere in the cities is cold and many in its remote regions are unreached. They are battling addiction, suicide, poverty, and unbelief. Others have suffered sexual assault and domestic violence with higher rates of all these incidences occurring in the villages. While Alaska is renowned for exceptional fishing, we as a ministry work as “fishers of men” to reverse the spiritual statistics in this beautiful, but spiritually barren land. If you have been moved to help, here are six ways you as an individual, organization, ministry, or church can partner with us

Six Ways You Can Partner with Us!
Ask your church to pray for Alaska
Send short-term
Raise mission funds
for Alaska
Invite our team for a presentation
Pastors should plan for an exploratory visit to Alaska
Help us complete the construction of the Global Hub/Life Center