Our Church Mandate


God’s Family Church is a place to feed on the truth of the word of God and experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. It is conservative, evangelical and charismatic with a blend of much-needed apologetics. This church is evangelical in doctrine and charismatic in operation and is worth a visit. Shalom.


God’s Family Church is the discipleship fellowship for the nurturing and equipping of disciples who will carry the gospel to all parts of Alaska and around the world. 


To engage in spiritual warfare and prophetic intercession over Alaska and the world.
To prophetically call forth and activate an apostolic/prophetic spiritual army who will carry the revival fire to every inch of Alaska and from Alaska to the rest of the world.
To raise a prophetic voice over the region and declare the whole counsel of God over the people through evangelistic outreaches, revival services, apologetics conferences/seminars and school of discipleship throughout the State.
To teach, disciple and establish believers on the manifold grace of God that is based on the power of God that works in and through us.
To minister prophetically to individuals and gatherings for edification and comfort through personal prophetic counseling, healing/deliverance prayers and prophetic teachings.
To help believers discover, develop and deploy their spiritual gifts within the church and in the harvest of the world through training, impartation, activation, mentoring and spiritual covering.
To declare God’s eternal purposes and imminent return of Jesus Christ with apostolic authority and prepare a ready church for presentation to the Master.
God’s Family Church Alaska is a missions home-base of God’s Family Missionary Movement.
God’s Family Missionary Movement is chartered by Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association, Maryville, IL