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The Hour Has Come For Women to Arise!

God is directing us to call forth the women from of the 7,000 sleeping warriors of the End Time Army wherever they are across Alaska. If you know somebody in Nome, Bethel, or Barrow, invite the person! Let us know if money is needed for transport. We want to make sure we reach out to every woman in Alaska, who has a calling upon her life, to be at this women’s conference!
Part of the issue that has affected Alaska as a whole is the wrong theology that women cannot be used by God to declare the glory of God. Having authority in the church is different from preaching and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit , so let’s release the women! Women are the ones who brought the gospel to various places. For instance, the woman of Samaria, the woman who saw the resurrection for the first time and others can be found in the word.
Women have a role in the Body of Christ-to declare the glory of God. This event is going to empower each woman to do what God has called them to do. 
The Mission of the WATW Conference
This annual conference is based on the woman of Samaria. God used her as an evangelist to reach her village and brought all of them to Jesus. This annual event is dedicated to women but not just for women. Come and drink from the well that never runs dry! Every person who attends will receive their own touch and activation.
The 2022 Women at the Well Conference: Oct 21-23

Our featured guest speakers are coming to Alaska from around the world to specifically impart the power of God into our women so that they will carry the boldness to arise and take their own position within the Body of Christ. By the end of this year’s program, every woman that God has called in Alaska will go out and fulfill their ministry! This year’s theme is “Maximizing Womanhood” and we will bring down the original mandate that God has given to each woman and show how each woman can stand upon that special mandate even in today’s culture.

The culture now permisses women to look like men and men to look like women. In society today, when people are being asked “what is a woman?” most responders cannot define women! It is the role of the church to go back to the scripture, define what a woman is and share it with the world. In addition to the wrong mindset of the culture, there are those within the church, who have kept women under a lid. Through this conference, not only will we empower women but also deploy them and release them to go do great exploits and that which God has created them to do.

Come and discover your identity in Christ, activate your spiritual gifts, learn and articulate your calling and destiny as well as receive revelation concerning your value and worth, your role as a woman, healing from trauma, and know your Kinsman Redeemer.
You don’t want to miss this life transforming conference! It will be power packed each day!
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