The allure of Alaska in the remote and distant northern hemisphere is unparalleled. With its breathtaking landscapes, incredible northern lights, and diverse wildlife, it is truly a sight to behold. Yet, 70% of the population is non-religious. Some have never been to church or do not regularly attend church. The spiritual atmosphere in the cities is cold and many in its remote regions are unreached. They are battling addiction, suicide, poverty, and unbelief. Others have suffered sexual assault and domestic violence with higher rates of all these incidences occurring in the villages.


While Alaska is renowned for exceptional fishing, we as a ministry work as “fishers of men” to reverse the spiritual statistics in this beautiful, but spiritually barren land. If you have been moved to help, here are six ways you as an individual, organization, ministry, or church can partner with us

Alaska falls under the 60/70 window of unreached peoples. This window encompasses Alaska, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. It is known for its harsh climate, complex geography, isolated
communities and enormous spiritual needs.
Six Ways You Can Partner with Us!
  • Adopt Alaska as a Mission Field
  • Ask Your Church to Pray for Alaska
  • Send Short-Term Missionaries
  • Raise Mission Funds for Alaska
  • Invite Our Team for a Presentation
  • Pastors Should Plan for an Exploratory Visit to Alaska
  • Help Us Complete the Construction of the Global Hub/Life Center
Ask your church to pray for Alaska
Invite our team for a presentation
Raise mission funds
for Alaska
Adopt Alaska as a Mission Field 

Take Alaska on as a project. Alaska’s magnificent beauty often makes it overlooked as a mission field. Consider adopting this beautiful but spiritually forgotten land, especially those in its remotest regions who need the light of the Gospel.   

Adopting Alaska as a mission field can be both meaningful and impactful. With its diverse cultures and communities, Alaska presents unique opportunities for outreach and service. As a mission field, Alaska’s challenges, like extreme weather conditions, remote locations, and cultural differences can be harsh, but also rewarding in the form of building relationships with the unreached, sharing the Gospel, and making a positive, transformative difference in people’s lives.

To effectively adopt Alaska as a mission field, it is essential to understand the local context, history, and needs of the communities we serve so you’ll know how best to help. This is why we are working to build impactful partnerships with churches, organizations, ministries, and community leaders to provide insight and support for our mission work. By prayerfully considering how best to serve the people of Alaska and being open to learning from them, you can make a meaningful impact and share the love of Christ in this beautiful and diverse state.

Ask Your Church to Pray for Alaska

If you decide to commit your church to pray for Alaska, we ask that you consider the following: speak with your church leaders or pastoral staff about including Alaska in their prayer intentions during services or prayer groups. You could also reach out to fellow church members and encourage them to include Alaska in their personal prayers. Additionally, you may want to consider organizing a special prayer event specifically dedicated to praying for Alaska’s well-being and the challenges it is facing. 

Praying for Alaska is an effective way of bringing attention to the needs and concerns of the state. Praying for Alaska is seeking support for the well-being of the unreached in its cities, 240 native villages and communities, and the resolution of its underlying spiritual issues. There are bonds of depression, suicide, sexual assault, addiction, domestic violence, poverty, unbelief, and spiritual oppression that need to be broken in the villages and beyond. Pray for all those that need strength who are facing these difficulties and the trauma Satan’s vices have brought against them. 

Pray for Christian pastors and ministries, native leaders and missionaries who are waging spiritual war against the territorial entities of the land. Encourage your congregation to include Alaska in your prayers that they might foster a sense of solidarity and care for a region that may be distant geographically but close in spirit. Together, through the power of prayer, individuals and communities can make a spiritual impact, help break strongholds, and see the light of the glorious Gospel reach the unreached in this land.

Send Short-Term Missionaries

Short-term missionaries play a crucial role in physically reaching Alaska’s diverse indigenous groups by lending their time and skills. Alaska’s urban settings are also undergoing spiritual decay, so there are opportunities to evangelize in the cities as well as the villages. Consider committing to a trip ranging from a weekend to few days assisting with various projects such as counseling, teaching, medical care, and community-outreach. Your impact can be significant as you bring the gospel, offer support and a fresh perspective to challenges faced by native communities. 

As a missionary, you will need to consider factors such as cultural sensitivity, training, and past barriers that have inhibited spiritual breakthrough. We encourage you to approach your work with humility, openness, and respect for the local customs and traditions. As a short-term missionary, you can make a positive difference in the lives of Alaska’s native populations and cities throughout Alaska, sharing the love of Jesus and furthering the gospel to those who need to hear this good news most.
Raise Mission Funds for Alaska

Have you as a church considered raising mission funds for Alaska? If so, fundraising activities can be a practical way to make that happen. How about organizing events such as charity dinners, auctions, or concerts? These events not only help in collecting donations but also raise awareness about the mission. Additionally, crowdfunding campaigns can be set up online to reach a larger audience and gather support from people who may not be able to attend events in person. You can use your social media platform to promote the mission and encourage donations from your wider network of supporters. 

Your financial support will open doors and the ability to spread the Gospel and the light of God’s love where access to resources and support can be limited. Many Alaskan natives who live in communities outside of the villages are suffering. They make up a large portion of those city-dwellers dealing with addiction, homelessness, and poverty. Some escape the villages fleeing domestic violence and need shelter. By raising funds for missions in Alaska, you can provide the crucial assistance needed to help us complete our Global Hub and Life Center. This is the launching pad where we will send out missionaries and support initiatives like providing food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, and other essential services to Alaska’s remote villages and communities across the state. Your funds can help support outreach programs, disaster relief efforts, community development projects, and more. 

Invite our team for a presentation
Pastors should plan for an exploratory visit to Alaska
Help us complete the construction of the Global Hub/Life Center
Invite Our Team for a Presentation

We are excited for the opportunity of bringing a presentation to your church where we can showcase the incredible work that we have been doing. This presentation will provide an opportunity for us to highlight our achievements, share our progress, and discuss future plans. We believe that this will be a valuable and informative session for all of us to come together and collaborate on missions and how your church can help.

The presentation can take place in-person or virtually. We encourage everyone to attend–from your congregation to your church board—to participate in the discussions. Your presence and input are highly appreciated as we work towards our common goal of reaching the unreached. Let’s come together as the body of Christ, support this much needed effort, and learn how your church or ministry can practically help further the Gospel in the 60/70 window.

Pastors Should Plan for an Exploratory Visit to Alaska
Pastors considering an exploratory visit to Alaska should prepare for a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Alaska offers a one-of-a-kind setting for reflection, inspiration, and spiritual growth. Pastors can plan to visit iconic locations such as Denali National Park, the Kenai Fjords, and the Alaska Native Heritage Center to immerse themselves in the diverse landscapes and cultures that make Alaska so special.

During their visit, pastors can also connect with locals from Alaska’s native communities and learn about the challenges and triumphs of life in the Last Frontier. Engaging with Alaskan Natives, exploring historic sites, and participating in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, or wildlife viewing can provide valuable insights and refreshing inspiration for their pastoral work. By taking the time to plan a meaningful exploratory visit to Alaska, pastors can deepen their understanding of Alaska’s native population’s spiritual needs and bring back fresh perspectives and experiences to their ministry.

Help Us Complete the Construction of the Global Hub/Life Center

Completing the construction of the Global Hub/Life Center will be a significant milestone as it will serve as a focal point for bringing people together from all walks of life and sending out missionaries to Alaska’s cities and rural areas for the furtherance of the Gospel. 

This beautiful facility will serve as a training center for missionaries, pastors, lay leaders, and ministries who come to Alaska to offer their services in reaching the unreached. Here, we will provide a breakdown of existing conditions—natural and spiritual—in the land and proffer ways you can help as the extended hands and feet of Jesus. There will be conference space with classrooms and offices, a hot meal cafe and commercial kitchen, and space to connect and serve the surrounding communities. It will be a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for its intended purposes. The Global Hub/Life Center can truly become a hub for connectivity, collaboration, and positive spiritual change to Alaska’s unreached people groups on a global scale. Your donations will help make this possible!
Past Missions Events:
Join other pastors and ministers who have come to preach the Gospel here in Alaska from the lower 48 United States and around the world. Here are some guest ministers from Nigeria and South Carolina who preached in a 3-day revival we held in the city of Anchorage June 2023. Opportunities for missions can keep you in the city or take you out to the villages…we leave those choices up to you to pray how your heart will be led to minister as a ministry. After the revival, we treated the pastors to a nice tour of what Alaska has to offer from Denali National Park to glaciers and wildlife. 
Pictured below was the late summer of 2021 in Utqiagvik (pronounced: oot-ka-vick), Alaska (and formerly known as Barrow). This area represents the northernmost point of the United States of America. Here the beautiful Arctic Ocean meets the Chukchi Sea. In this distant Inuit village, we prayed that the fire of revival would hit the whole of America and beyond.
Each summer, since 2021, we have joined with other churches to host the annual Alaska Tent Revival. This gathering of both Christians and the lost began with a 6-week tent revival that elapsed into 8 weeks. Each week had a theme, from prison outreach ministry to ministry towards Alaskan natives. There were testimonies of healings, salvations, and deliverances as the praises of God and preaching of the word went on during Alaska’s long days of summer. If you don’t know, Alaska is known as the land of the midnight sun. Every summer solstice, Alaska experiences 24 hours of daylight. It’s really a unique sight! From that time until this, the Alaska Tent Revival has been held for one week annually and now travels throughout various parts of Alaska. This is yet another opportunity where you can get involved as a missions’ group from serving and praying with the people of Alaska.
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