Men of Valor Roundtable
‘A forum where men come to articulate their worldviews, commune with God, share fellowship and intercede for other men.’
Maleness and Manhood ?
Maleness is an inheritance but manhood is an acquired skill. You are a male by birth but a man by maturity. If you want to fish or hunt like a pro, you must invest time and diligence in learning the skills.
Have you ever wondered why most men are very good at their jobs and some are even experts in their fields but at the same time many of them are inept when it comes to spirituality?
Do you catch yourself avoiding deep spirituality or very leery of charting the uncertain waters of faith? Do you battle with the boundary between faith and reason? Then, Men of Valor is the place to be!
Come and explore issues of true manhood and learn how to be a man after God’s own heart. Come and discover your identity in God’s eternal plan for mankind. Come and acquire the skills of both natural and spiritual development.
God expects men to know
In the maze of the gallimaufry of relativism, from deep down within your heart, you must ponder and answer so many questions like: ‘Do I fully articulate what I truly believe? Is my worldview consistent with my professed beliefs?’
Am I deeply convinced that the Bible is 100% the infallible Word of God? Is there more to the creation story than meets the eye? Is the entire biblical text relevant in today’s context? ‘What is Truth?’ What is the whole counsel of God?

Is there truly a heaven and hell? If Jesus is truly the only Way, do I understand the mystery of Christ? What happens to all the nice and good people who are not Christians, will they all end up in hell?

Can I intellectually and effectively defend my beliefs, among my unbelieving friends? Am I convinced enough about biblical truth that I can die defending my faith? What do I truly know about what I believe? God expects men to know these things and teach their wives and children. You can be taught and receive answers to these tough questions when you attend Men of Valor.